Monday, November 9, 2009

Design Vitamin #13 Flea Market Extravaganza!

For those you that are not local--I apologize, but the much revered twice a year Extravaganza was this past weekend at Metrolina---and I meant to remind everyone! My apologies to everyone for being so scattered---october/november are really busy crazy months for me. It starts with market and then spirals with clients wanting everything done for the Holidays. I ventured out on Wednesday morning which is "dealer" day. For $25.00 you can have a 5 day pass through Sunday. I was on a mission to find some unique treasures for myself and for clients. Of course my first stop I ventured into a booth with a man that had on a wicker Panama hat. He had all sorts of vintage dog art in beat up frames. The art itself was beautiful---very haunting pictures of dogs with vivid color. Right there is where I got the idea to do a "dog-wall" in my laundry room off the garage.  It is where I keep my dog Beijing and is also where his bowl is located.  My cabinets are a custom color--an apple green with black hardware.  The first two dog pics I bought to start the wall--a pair of Boston Terriers which are black and white.  And one of my all time favorite dog breeds a Harlequin Great Dane---guess what color?  Black and White!  So I figure--my collection going forward has to be vintage with some sort of black and white in it to make sense. I cannot wait to hang them! Other treasures tomorrow!

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