Thursday, October 15, 2009

Design Vitamin # 10--a break from Me! Enjoy!

Before & After - Chateau Chic

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Eddie Ross is one of my favorite blogs that I enjoy. I am one of his followers! He was on the design show on Bravo " Top Design" He was also one of the finalists. He is such a creative person and hilarious! Eddie also worked for another one of my favorite "icons" Martha Stewart. Yes. I love Martha! I have never left her side. She gave all of us the shot in the arm that we needed----to be creative and be perfect while you are doing it! Smile. I met Martha at Furniture Market--I was in awe, but we will save that for another blog! of course Eddie worked for Martha--he is just as neurotic and creative as she is----watch for him--he will have his own empire one day! Enjoy!


  1. stopping by to say HELLO!!!

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  2. Welcome--you are my first non relative! Hooray! Thanks so much for joining--pass the word--i just need help with fine tuning this blog--know anyone?