Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The LBA! Design Vitamin #3

OMG! I have 7 Followers! I feel sooooo grateful right now! Okay--life has been crazy! I have commited to 365 design tips and and I will deliver! Iam soo late tonight, because Payton,my middle child was in her last tennis match this evening as a senior at her High School. It was bittersweet--allot of "lasts" The "last" tennis match as a senior on our home courts. The "last" tennis match I will ever watch my "last" daughter play. As you can see I am very sentimental and savor every minute----it goes by in the blink of an eye. So bittersweet--! Makes me feel old!

Business! Design Vitamin #3--the LBA!
As I mentioned in yesterdays blog---every room needs a black accent! In the fashion world you have heard of the LBD? The Little Black Dress? Well this is the Little Black Accessory --hence the LBA! I was introduced to this concept in the infancy stages of my career in High Point doing showroom work for a very well known designer. He was emphatic that every room have a touch of black. I was puzzled and naive. His explanation was it adds an element of drama to every room. It does not have to be much--a lampshade, a picture frame,end table, just an accent that grounds" everything----not weighs it down like the "Adams Family" ! I challenge you to thumb through any "shelter " (high brow-language for home magazine) and find a room that does not carry a dark "alter-ego"accent!


  1. Ok I love the black accent, will work on it! Now i am on a mission on FB to help the people sign up for High Cotton!

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