Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Design Vitamin #9

Don't be in a rush. That is when bad things happen. Research,research,research! I hope the person whom I am speaking about knows I am talking to them. Trust me--we have all been there! I do not care if the painter is standing at the front door and he showed up a day early because his "Tuesday" cancelled--do not make a rash decision and choose a paint color nonchalantly to make the painters life happy. You have to live with the color--he does not. When making major decisions such as remodeling I am always about bringing in the "experts" If you are re-doing a kitchen ie:tearing out cabinets reconfiguring please use a certified kitchen designer NKBA. You will save yourself lots of heartache,headache and money. I have allot of clients that bring me in as the "band-aid" designer. They want me to fix the mess that was made previously by them because they tried to take short cuts. Please take your time--make your lists--research and get quotes and opinions. The web is a perfectly place to start!

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