Monday, October 12, 2009

Design Vitamin #8

If are interested in design--or are totally confused about it--you must subscribe to shelter magazine. Each page holds a wealth of information. One page could be a paint color, the next a piece of furniture that appeals to you. Tear the page out! Put it in a file labeled appropriately for future reference. When the times is right and you do have that meeting with a designer you will be prepared,she will not have to read your mind,and you will get some much more bang for your buck within that hour because you are not flipping through magazines!My faves hands down---Veranda, Southern Accents, Coastal Living ,Traditional Home and House Beautiful. Soooo sad that Domino is no longer--it was so cool. There is a new magazine on line called Lonny--check it out. I just like touching and feeling glossy pages--very old fashioned.

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