Saturday, October 10, 2009


DESIGN VITAMIN # 6 Make sure you at least set a pumpkin out on your front porch--tis the season. What! I never said my blogs were going to be "earth-shattering" or "deep"at every post. This is a simple one that everyone can do--plus my brain is mush today! As I type I can hear my senior coughing like crazy---she woke up with a sore throat and has a full day of filling out college apps! I just hope it is not the dreaded "oink-oink'-(h1n1) That is going to set my world upside down. My son,who is sophomore has a huge AP psychology project on "The Brain" to do today--so we are all camped out---working on a Saturday! YUK! Oh and hubby is hiding in the basement filing out late tax forms due on October 15---hence--no design tips! Oh and I also forgot my lovely college junior just left after brunch of scrambled eggs,goat cheese spinach wraps, pumpkin bread and raspberries to go back to school. We scrambled around this morning to spray her really groovy desk chair we picked up at Habitat for Humanity for a cool $10.00! It looks like a Chippendale/Tori Burch lattice Pattern back. I decided to have her leave it here so I could fabricate the seat fro her--and bring it to her next weekend--Parents Weekend with the Sigma Kappa's. Okay---for someone who was going to be short and sweet! UGH! Pics of chair to come!

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  1. Thanks for the pumpkin tip! Should I carve it or leave it! LOL